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Fangsheng Bridge

江南古鎮朱家角 ? Zhujiajiao
State AAAA Scenic Zone
2001 World APEC Summit Tour Site
Practice Area For The Shanghai Expo 2010 Tourism

Zhaxidawa Experience Museum of Tibetan Culture 上海唯一的藏文化體驗館,通過體驗藏族同胞的衣、食、住、信(仰),了解高原文化的神秘與純凈。 The only Experience House of Tibetan Culture. Knowing better about mystery and pureness of plateau culture through experiencing tibetan's life closely. read more

Tour Boats Routes and Prices
We have four lines for you.

Short Route: 80 Yuan
Long Route: 150 Yuan
Maximum: 6 persons
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The type of travel Tickets
Line 1:New tour of the water town
Contains 8 attractions Price(RMB):80.00 Yuan / Person
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Line 2:New tour of the water town
Contains 8 attractions Price(RMB):60.00 Yuan / Person
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Line 3:Folk Custom Tourism
Contains 4 attractions Price(RMB):30.00 Yuan / Person
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Where to buy tickets?
You have two choices,ticket business purchase and online purchase.Online purchase isLess expensive to purchase.
Ticket business address:164# XinfengRoad(新風路) Zhujiajiao Town.Both cash and charge are acceptable.

Anttention:Ticket could't return back or change affter it sold.


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English tour guide service
All day rmb300
Half day rmb200

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State AAAA Scenic Zone